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Thread: Move File From One Folder To Another Folder Within Mapped Drive using VBA in Excel

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    Move File From One Folder To Another Folder Within Mapped Drive using VBA in Excel

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to create a macro to move files from a directory to a subdirectory on a mapped drive, mapped as Z:. My folder is (z:\ash\Resumes)

    I have a list of resumes(close to 50,000) on an excel sheet and hyperlinked so I can open any I want from excel. Now I have received a list of Termed employees and I want to move their PDF files to a subfolder in that directory called "Termed" (Z:\ash\Resumes\Termed).

    hyperlink shows the path as File:///\\ABC-Strata\ash\Resumes\Olivia Robinson.pdf for one instance. Since I am a complete novice at networking or mapped drives, I can't devise a solution. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in Advance.



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    Ash, welcome to ExcelFox community.

    First, how would the program know that for example Mr. ExcelFox is termed? Second, in your worksheet, are all the hyperlinks in the same column one below the other? Instead of the developers doing a guess work here, can you post a sample workbook so that the code could be written accordingly.

    For a more generic code, try this

    Sub MoveFiles()
        Dim strFolderA As String
        Dim strFolderB As String
        Dim strFile As String
        Dim Cnt As Long
        '//Change the path to the source folder, accordingly
        strFolderA = "C:\Path\FolderA\"
        '//Change the path to the destination folder, accordingly
        strFolderB = "C:\Path\FolderB\"
        If Right(strFolderA, 1) <> "\" Then strFolderA = strFolderA & "\"
        If Right(strFolderB, 1) <> "\" Then strFolderB = strFolderB & "\"
        '//To filter for .xlsx files, change "*.*" to "*.xlsx"
        strFile = Dir(strFolderA & "*.*")
        Do While Len(strFile) > 0
            If Date - Int(FileDateTime(strFolderA & strFile)) > 2 Then
                Cnt = Cnt + 1
                Name strFolderA & strFile As strFolderB & strFile
            End If
            strFile = Dir
        MsgBox Cnt & " file(s) have been transfered to " & strFolderB, vbInformation
    End Sub
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