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Thread: Free U.S. ZIP CODE Database...

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    Free U.S. ZIP CODE Database...

    If you ever need a US Zip Code database for your VBA projects, you might want to consider the one you can download here.

    Free Zipcode Database

    Normally, you would have to pay for access to such a list; however, as the link indicates, this one is free. There are other free Zip Code databases out there, but they are usually (quite) old. This database, however, looks like it is kept up-to-date and it has a lot of information (more than most people will need, so the data should probably be pared down to save space). However, you will need XL2007 or above to load it into Excel because the database has 81832 rows in it. You will want to load the first (larger) database file as it has multiple cities per zip code. It is a CSV file, so the zip codes will not have leading zeroes, but you can use Cell Formatting to put them in.

    I know nothing about this website or the source of its database. I found the above link quite by accident while researching a question posed at a different forum site and simply thought others might find it interesting. As with most things on the web, use the information it provides at your own risk, although the site looks legitimate to me and its database looks pretty accurate as far as I can tell (yes, that does mean I am using for my own personal projects).
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    Thanks Rick. I was able to import file into an Access DB. Set up a Search form for Zip, State or City. Further then, because many at my location many don't have Access, I set up a link between Access and EXCEL 2010 and created a pivot table with slicers for State, City and Zip. Works very slick. Unfortunately, due to file size limitation, I am unable to upload either of the files even if Zipped.

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    Best free zip code database

    Rick that is probably the best free zip code database. The only downside is the lat, lng is not that accurate. Working from the db you provided I updated the lat, lng to be more accurate you can get the new zip code database here.

    If you don't need super accurate lat, lng the free database works great. It is off by about 5 miles for most zip codes.

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