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Thread: Word VBA_find string against bullet point

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    Word VBA_find string against bullet point

    I have table (Row:10, column:2) in word document, 2nd column of row 10, contain text with bullet points,
    again undersome bullet point there is multilevel lists as mentioned below.

    1. create new excel document (wb2)
    2. Go back to main word file (wb1) with table (Row:10,Col:2)
    3. Pop Up InputBox, user will input search string "ABC"
    4. search text "ABC" against bullet point if found copy on (wb2- column A)
    5. If again there is multilevel list under bullet point
    6. search "USD" if found copy USD amount to (wb2 - column B)
    7. search "Location" if found Location to (wb2 - column C)

    i do post here also.]

    I will appreciate any assistance to edit below code;
    Sub test() 
        Dim TargetText As String, StrMsg As String 
        Dim Col As Long, i As Long, j As Long, Rng As Range 
        With Selection 
            If .Information(wdWithInTable) = False Then 
                MsgBox "The cursor must be within a table cell.", , "Cursor outside table" 
                Exit Sub 
                Col = .Cells(1).ColumnIndex 
                TargetText = InputBox("Enter text to search. " & _ 
                "This macro will search the column you have " & _ 
                "selected for this text and count how many " & _ 
                "times it appears in that column. Do you want to continue?", _ 
                "Enter text to find and count") 
                With .Tables(1) 
                    For i = 1 To .Rows.Count 
                        Set Rng = .Cell(i, Col).Range 
                        With .Cell(i, Col).Range 
                            With .Find 
                                .Text = TargetText 
                                 '.Replacement.ClearFormatting ''Clear existing formatting and settings in Find feature.
                                .Replacement.Highlight = True 'Set highlight to replace setting.
                                .Replacement.Text = "" 
                                .Forward = True 
                                .Wrap = wdFindStop 
                                .Format = True 
                                .MatchCase = False 
                                .MatchWholeWord = True 
                                .MatchWildcards = False 
                                .MatchSoundsLike = False 
                                .MatchAllWordForms = False 
                                .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll 
                            End With 
                            Do While .Find.Found 
                                If .Duplicate.InRange(Rng) Then 
                                    j = j + 1 
                                    .Collapse wdCollapseEnd 
                                    Exit Do 
                                End If 
                        End With 
                End With 
                Select Case j 
                Case 0: StrMsg = "The text " & TargetText & " was not found in the selected column " 
                Case 1: StrMsg = "There is 1 occurrence of the text " & TargetText & " in the selected column " 
                Case Else: StrMsg = "There are " & j & " occurrences of the text '" & TargetText & "' in the selected column " 
                End Select 
                MsgBox StrMsg & Col & ".", , "Text search in column" 
            End If 
        End With 
    End Sub
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