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Thread: test BB Code

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    . Hi.
    Here are Some notes on an Add-In which allows you to paste a screenshot of a Spreadsheet range, in a form that we can copy to a Spreadsheet.
    Here is the current Add-In from Rory Archibald, which he maintains and updates regularly

    Here are some Add-In versions of mine with minor modifications to the original above

    …. I wrote some „Beginners type” Notes on how to get these Add-Ins working, referenced in my signature, again here the link:
    . I am sure many Regulars do not need those notes, but possibly beginners like me wishing to use the Add-In may find them useful. Here they are given again below - Appologies that the images are in German. Hopefully the Pictures are still helpful in confirming the steps

    A simple Code alternative from Pike is given here:

    P.s. For all codes, what you do is basically is
    Highlight the range you wish to copy.
    Copy it to the Clipboard ( Ctrl + C )
    Paste in a Forum Post Editor.
    It should then look like a lot of BB Code, but when posted it should come out as a Table.
    Test here:

    .................................................. ...................

    Notes on Typical Download procedure for Forum Tool “Add – Ins” (such as Code copying or Spreadsheet Range “Screen Shots”)

    .-- Just general “average” procedures. May vary a bit from add-in to add-in

    . R1) Usually you are given a link. There are lots of them about recently…Where the link it goes and how many things are there can vary from time to time

    . R2) Try to read through as much information given at least once quickly complete. Usually it is worth it in the long run. Maybe copy a few parts of instructions to a text or Word File – can come in handy if any instructions vanish as you start downloading.

    . R3) Be careful exactly wot you check or need to uncheck in any boxes when options are given.

    ForExample ( XL 2007 2010 Windows Vista (also for mac) ) Rory Download:

    . R3a). Here: -

    . R3b). Here: - (Here is probably best to check out updates / versions etc. --see bottom of the page (Win & Mac).)

    . R3c). And / OR
    (Here also direct without the other two)

    . R4). - Download and Save. (Preferably in something like ……..\Microsoft\AddIns if you can find that Folder####. If not save anywhere initially and make a note of where). If the file is “zipped”, it is sometimes a good idea to “unzip it”. Often that just means open the Zipped folder and then maybe make a copy of the add-in file in that is in the Zipped Folder. Paste the copy somewhere, such as where the Zipped File ended up.

    . R5). – Open Excel if not already. It may or may not be better to have Excel already open. Can vary from download, I think.

    . R6) – Click somewhere left upper (i.e. Vista XL 2007 Office button ; Vista XL 2010 First Tab in Ribbon (Datei or Data or File))

    . R7) – Look for, or scroll down to, Excel Options – Click

    . R8) - Click add-ins shown in a list to the left in the Excel-Option Window

    . R9) ..This is Bit tricky to explain.. – “invoke the Add-in's dialog Box Window” i.e.
    . - R9a) Usually somewhere near middle bottom of the Excel-Option Window is drop down box. To the right of that box is another box with something like “Go To” written on it.

    Click that.

    . - R9b) You should have the Add-in dialogue Box Window now open.
    . If the add-in is there, place a check-mark beside the add-in, if not already checked.


    . – 9c) (####If you do not see the Add – In there then click browse and locate the add-in.

    Once found, Click on it and it should then be added to list. Place a check-mark beside the add-in, if not already checked.)

    . R10) – Click OK

    . R11) – Usually that is enough and a new Tab comes up with maybe a Title like “Forum Tools”

    ( If it is not there or any other problems crop up along the way, then this may help:
    “. - Click the Office button at the top left of the Excel window -> Excel Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings... -> Macro Settings -> Tick "Trust access to the VBA project object model" -> OK -> OK “ ) . – If this is necessary then closing and reopening Excel may or may not also be required before the new stuff is displayed or available

    . R12) - Once it is “There”, Click on that Forum Tools Tab to get various options shown in a small window that may pop up. The latest does most that the Mr Excel Spreadsheet HTML Maker does. AND It has the extra function of a full encompassing BB Code Generator that can be posted in most Forums supporting BB Code. This BB Code Generator has most of the features of the MrExcel Spreadsheet HTML Maker and in addition by the extra option of removing the Headers, the tool gives an alternative method for inserting a simple Table into a Forum Post, that is to say using any spare area in a spreadsheet and then copying using the Forum tool with headers disabled…


    . R13) – Do a bit of experimenting in Forum Test Sub Forums, pasting in the various HTML and / or BB Code options. One small Tip – Sometimes different results are obtained by different combinations of Browsers and / or whether you paste in with Ctrl V or by right mouse click Insert……
    . R13) – To actually Copy part of the spreadsheet to the Clipboard in a form which will paste into a Forum Thread:
    . R13a)- Select The Spreadsheet Range or code you are interested in.
    . R13b)- Click on something like Copy icon in the window obtained from clicking on a new option as discussed in 12), or from a selection should it be given by right mouse click
    .-R13c) Select option you want in to copy to the clipboard. If you have a choice of HTML or BB Code make sure you select the one relevant to wot you are doing or try them all initially.
    .-R13d)– Paste in a forum editor that supports BB Code or HTML Code.


    Google first, like this "Short Title or Theme of wot you’re looking for"
    Use Code Tags: Highlight code; click on the # icon above,
    Post screenshots COPYABLE to a Spredsheet; NOT IMAGES PLEASE:
    Tools for that:

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    Get the white stuff out of horizontal in Rory's Tool

    I often hit the post size character limit.
    So every bit of saving of character usage is helpful to me
    I often use Rory's Screenshot Tool.
    I noticed it had a bit that for every row defined the background colour as white.
    I took it out and it seems to have no effect on final output.
    So that little change saves a bit of character space for me.
    Taking out the “white background color”.
    This is the default background row color, I think. It seems to come out at white anyway, so I took out the explicit “making it white bit”. In long deep tables that will save quite a few characters in the BB Code.
    I did this, ‘cos I could
    So I did this simple Mod in the Private Function RngToBBC in the mBBCode Normal Code Module, (Basically I just edited out the bit in shown in red)
                'sOut = sOut & vbNewLine & "[tr=bgcolor:" & csROW_BACK & "]"
                sOut = sOut & vbNewLine & "[tr]" 'Remove white background for entire row
                If bHdr Then sOut = sOut & "[td=bgcolor:" & csHEADER_BACK & "]
    [COLOR=" & csHEADER_COLOR & "]" & rRow.Row & "[/COLOR]
    So it used to produce this:
    [color=lightgrey]Using Excel 2007 32 bit[/color]
    [size=0][Table="width:, class:head"][tr=bgcolor:skyblue][th][COLOR=black][sub]Row[/sub]\[sup]Col[/sup][/COLOR][/th][th][CENTER][COLOR=black]J[/COLOR][/CENTER][/th][/tr]
    [/table][/size][size=0][color=lightgrey]Worksheet: [/color][b][color=darkblue]Intercepts[/b][/color][/size]
    Using Excel 2007 32 bit
    Worksheet: Intercepts

    After the small code mod I get this:
    [color=lightgrey]Using Excel 2007 32 bit[/color]
    [size=0][Table="width:, class:head"][tr=bgcolor:skyblue][th][COLOR=black][sub]Row[/sub]\[sup]Col[/sup][/COLOR][/th][th][CENTER][COLOR=black]F[/COLOR][/CENTER][/th][/tr]
    [/table][/size][size=0][color=lightgrey]Worksheet: [/color][b][color=darkblue]Intercepts[/b][/color][/size]
    Using Excel 2007 32 bit
    Worksheet: Intercepts

    This remains a jolly spiffing super Tool in my opinion. I have erected it in more places and more times than I care to remember. It really is the Doggies best
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    Google first, like this "Short Title or Theme of wot you’re looking for"
    Use Code Tags: Highlight code; click on the # icon above,
    Post screenshots COPYABLE to a Spredsheet; NOT IMAGES PLEASE:
    Tools for that:

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