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Thread: automation to download images automatically

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    7 automation to download images automatically

    Usually i spend time to download HD wallpaper for my laptop screen and generally i download it form HD Wallpapers (High Definition) | 100% Quality HD Desktop Wallpapers site. This site has a very good collection of HD wallpapers in different resolution. You just need to click on image and then click on your desired resolution and the HD image gets downloaded in your system.

    But what if i want to download a large number of HD images so suppose if i spent 10 sec to download an image manually then what if i have to download 100 images and if i do so which i was doing earlier, i have to sit in-front of my laptop and do it manually which is a tiring and a waste of time task.

    To save my time and not getting tired i have created an excel add-in to download it automatically. Where you just need to select the category and the resolution.

    It is not necessary that all the images in the selected category have the resolution you selected. So this tool will not list all those image who does not have the selected resolution.

    Once you open this file you can find the button under home tab with the name HD Wallpapers.

    Have a look and leave your comments if it helped you to save your time and getting awesome HD images. Please leave your comments in case you are not understanding how to use this tool.
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    I am not able to open this file on excel 2016

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    This is an Add-In. can find the button under home tab with the name HD Wallpapers.
    Cheers !

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    Yes, I know however this file just shows opening however it didn't open at all.

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